A few Fridays ago on my drive home from work, I got an unexpected call from my husband – he had crossed paths with a 5 week old stray kitten. Malnourished & flea infested, the kitten had been abandoned by her mother. We chose to open our home, nurse her back to health, and find a family to love her. 

Back in our apartment, we stared at the tiny creature staring back at us & the weight of reality hit – this tiny kitten was depending on us to meet her needs. We sought counsel from family, friends & veterinarians to make the best decisions about her diet, basic comforts and ridding her of fleas and mites.

From the first night we brought her home.

A Tupperware container found itself filled with water and a dessert plate was covered in kitten formula. Old towels and pillows found their way into a cardboard box. We tucked her into our office and laid in bed questioning what we had just committed to. 

Neither of us slept very much as we anxiously awaited opening the office room door the next morning to assess the damage.  

Did she make it through the night? Had she slept at all? Would the room be clawed from to bottom? 

But there she was – sitting by the door waiting in anticipation for us to join her. That sigh of relief was fleeting as we turned to the de-fleeing journey ahead.

Into the tub. Into the water. Into 2 hours of screaming, biting and sweating as we cleaned her from head to toe. We took breaks to swaddle her and catch our breath, swapping words of encouragement and high fives the closer we got. 

That night we cuddled and played with a very clean kitten. We decided to call her Lula (pronounced Lou-Luh). She brought us so much joy and we loved having her to come home to.

She was tuckered out after several baths, but this was her first night completely flea free!

A one pound kitten gave us a small glimpse into parenthood and an even smaller glimpse into how deeply God cares for us: it doesn’t matter what we look like, where we were before that moment, or what our address is – He just wants us to be safe and know that we are loved. 

I’m not a cat person – but this experience taught me to love something I had built up walls against. God asked me to sacrifice for a creature that I used to turn away from & He turned my perspective around. 

We enjoyed a short journey with Lula in our lives & deeply debated keeping her, but knew we weren’t prepared to commit to a pet yet. She has since found her forever home with a friend of ours & her story will forever remind us of God’s love for us. 

This photo is from Lula’s adoption! She now has an awesome cat-daddy who loves her.

Saying our goodbyes was surprisingly difficult – when you invest in & care for another it’s hard not to get attached.

We are so thankful we had the opportunity to care for her.

One thought on “Lula’s Story

  1. You and Jeremy did the right thing God wants us to help others in need. Young, old, a living being, and yes, a baby kitten. You took responsibility and then set it free to another who can continue nurturing. Thank goodness we have a God who is nurturing us. Reaching out to others is part of the plan. Bless you!

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