Being still isn’t something that comes naturally to me – the word restless has come to mind often during this season. I miss being with my family and spending time at coffee shops and going out on dates with my husband. The other day I caught myself desiring control over the lack of excitement and spent an afternoon attempting to find the next exciting move. Old habits die hard and I am always moving on to the next chapter before it’s time. I was wishing this season of life away – but I stopped. I don’t want to wish away this moment. This moment is scary and uncertain, but it’s also quiet and still and restorative and valuable. We miss out on growth opportunities when we try to move on from an experience before it’s time is up. 

We miss out on the present: If our hearts and eyes are glued three steps ahead, there is no conceivable way we are going to truly experience what is happening right in front of us. We become so preoccupied with our timeline that we lose focus on gleaning wisdom from our current situation. If we can’t put aside our desires for a future endeavor, we will miss the opportunity to love those presently with us – we skip over the lesson we need to learn. 

We miss out on hearing God’s voice: There is something dangerous about your daydreams becoming louder than God’s voice. It is so easy to drown out what He is saying if we don’t feel it aligns with the plans we have made. God wants to meet us right where we are – not three steps ahead. There is a purpose for everything under Heaven and if we miss out on hearing what God is sharing with us during each season, we may miss the opportunity to strengthen ourselves for a chapter coming up. 

We miss out on rest: Right now we don’t have the option to be on the go every night of the week – everyone is forced to be still. Seasons of life can sometimes seem drastic, but I believe God knows it takes large measures to bring his people rest. Restlessness means being unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom. Being restless in a season of life means no recuperation for your body and mind to fight in the next chapter. Remaining in a restless state of worrying about tomorrow causes us to miss the chance to regain strength today. 

If we don’t grow to appreciate of the positive aspects of this season, we will look back several months from now and wish things could be still again. The quiet side of our current situation is a rare gift – don’t wish away the chance to be still and listen. God has rest to offer us and wisdom to share. Don’t be restless – embrace the stillness in order to prepare for the next chapter. 

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

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