*Topic requested by St. Marks U.C.C. of Lebanon, PA

I love having schedules, social interactions and job interviews go exactly the way I plan. Being in control feels good, but life doesn’t work like that – perfect plans fall apart. Right now we are watching plans fall apart in a big way – and it hurts in a big way to watch things be thrown out of control. There are four major ways to clarify how God is looking at our current situation:

It takes losing our balance: Unless you actually fall there is no way to determine if someone would be there to catch you. If someone does catch you, it builds trust. I don’t believe COVID-19 came from God but I do believe He is using it for good by building trust with people. Losing an immense amount of comfort during the pandemic has forced people to trust in something greater. Without the distraction of material items, we prominently feel the empty void that only God can fill. Sometimes we have to lose our balance to realize that God is the only thing that will remain and He will always be there to catch us. 

Nothing is promised: It’s easy to assume God will grant us whatever we pray for – going on the dream vacation, our bodies remaining strong and healthy, scoring the date with our crush, or getting into the school of our dreams. God never made those promises at any point – what He did promise is this: to always be with us, to always be in control, to always be good, to always be watching, and to always be victorious. Keeping His promises does not mean God’s plan will align with ours every step of the way. 

Something better is in the works: This statement is hard to believe when we are disappointed by our current circumstances – but rarely are we looking at it from the right perspective. Living on Earth only allows us to see things from eye level, but God is looking down from Heaven and sees the big picture. He sees our entire lifetime laid out and knows there is peace and relief in the future while we have a hard time seeing beyond our current frustrations. Remembering God’s promises to us affirms not only are better days coming, but better days are here. There is good being done in the middle of your disappointment.

Better doesn’t mean bigger: The saying “When God closes one door, He open’s another” can be misleading for some people. If your plans have changed due to COVID-19, it’s common to assume God will provide you with an even better vacation or higher paying job when this is all over. That saying means God will always provide for you – however, it doesn’t state that you will earn a higher wage or that you’ll win a free cruise. That saying means God is going to show you a path to joy and peace and it might look different than you had originally planned.

Life will never look the way we imagine it to – plans will change. But life is guaranteed to be worthwhile when we put our faith in Jesus. Do not be discouraged by a change of plans. We cannot fully experience the highs without understanding the lows. Embrace the change and listen to God’s voice in this unexpected moment. If you let Him guide you, He will provide for you – and you won’t be disappointed. 

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

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