There is nothing romantic about romanticizing. Our society promotes daydreaming about leveling up. By following suit, we miss every opportunity to pursue our calling because we are too busy romanticizing about it instead of joyfully preparing for it. Preparing for the future requires learning from the present. 

Nothing is promised to us. When we assume we are deserving of the daydreams we have designed in our minds, we skip over the path God has carved out for us. We feel our human way is best – keeping our eyes on the prize and ignoring all surroundings till we get there.

Reaching our prize will leave us empty and dazed if we have missed being present. There are a few signs of romanticizing to be mindful of in order to avoid this: 

The Threshold of Entitlement: Romanticizing an idea means we have crossed the threshold of healthy preparedness into presumption. Researching ideas you believe are a part of your calling is so important – but when research turns into an unhealthy romanticized idea we begin making assumptions about what we are promised. Becoming a parent, buying a house, starting your own business – if your research turns into a presumed idea for your own life, you’ve crossed the threshold of entitlement. You, hopeless romantic, are in for a rude awakening when your daydreaming catches up to you. 

The Job Snob: Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor. If you are preoccupied with a chapter that’s three steps ahead of where you actually are, you will undoubtedly breeze by opportunities that are designed to launch you closer to your calling. Opportunities that don’t fit your personalized plan for success will be overlooked. You might dismiss the very job designed to open the window for your dream position, simply because it doesn’t look the way you have romanticized it to be. 

The Dismissive Diva: Romanticizing can rub people the wrong way. You bulldoze past relationships when you become too presuming – investing in professional and personal connections becomes a task rather than an opportunity. You can snub the people who would give you a glowing review or offer guidance to spur you forward on your journey. If your only concern is earning future benefits from a connection, it will show. Be present and engaged. Find ways to offer value in exchange for someone’s time and energy. 

If you take away nothing else, understand that people are clocking when you aren’t presently engaged with them. Opportunities will pass you by if you don’t pause on your romanticizing games and listen to where you are being called today. You don’t get this moment back. You cannot replay this chapter in your life. Leave the romanticizing for the movies. 

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

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