Traumatic encounters often lead to selfish perspectives – we project the notion that no one has it worse that us. We panic and fall into a manic state of hiding away anything that could benefit us in the near future. We look out for ourselves. Pouring out to others becomes an ignorant notion. But don’t forget: you reap what you sow. If you plant selfishly, you will yield a stingy growth. If you work for a greater purpose, your fields will be bountiful. There are a plethora of ways to release hoarding habits during times of strife. 

Don’t hoard finances: Money is tight. And unfortunately the little bit you are gripping with a vengeance isn’t yours – it’s God’s. You don’t get to take it with you. So start treating it with a kingdom outlook. Think about the people who can’t keep a roof over their heads tonight. There are charities, organizations and churches that benefit thousands of people beyond your household. Live within your means and use wisdom to discern how to bless others. 

Don’t hoard resources: Your needs are not greater than your neighbors, so treat your resources with the same attitude. Grown adults are throwing fits of rage when exiting grocery stores because they are being limited on what they can purchase. Everyone is in need of the resources available. Take what you need and nothing more. 

Don’t hoard energy: People hoard energy to focus on the negative issues in their own life. Who does that benefit? No one. It’s healthy to acknowledge frustrations, but then step back and see the bigger picture. Think of your neighbor who has three kids to feed and just lost their job. Consider pouring time and energy into helping them with meals or verbal encouragement instead of wasting it on your own personal wallowing. 

Don’t hoard wisdom: We are learning as we go – this new experience leaves us thirsty for tips on how to use time well. If you find success with a lifestyle shift or new hobby, share it with people. Call loved ones and have intentional conversation – share ideas and exchange value by offering positive perspectives to one another. Build love with wisdom as we learn more each day. 

Don’t hoard love: Do not keep your love from others during this time. We are in desperate need of human connection. This is no time to keep your love for only yourself – smile at people when you pass them, get groceries for your elderly neighbor, send encouraging messages to friends, remind people they are valuable. So many people have lost their sense of purpose, be a light to them. Share your love and it will come back around. 

All that we have is from God – we do not have the right to hoard and keep it for selfish motives. Don’t mistake this statement for foolishness – there is a wise way to handle our finances, energy and love. But within that we cannot become greedy. We are one body under Christ and should treat it as such. Don’t be a hoarder, share with love. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

One thought on “Don’t Be A Hoarder

  1. I would love to clone your thinking young lady. It’s great to know there are some people in the younger generation with sensibility about life. You are special and I’m glad I had a chance to meet you. May God Bless you and yours and keep you safe.


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