I have taken to laying on the floor in front of the open window to sun tan. 

I’m sure people have come up with more creative ways to cope with social distancing, but I wouldn’t know – it’s still Lent and there is still no social media in our household. 

People have been amazed that my husband and I are capable of such a wild endeavor as being stuck indoors and not having the option to scroll. 

Honestly? Thank goodness we don’t have social media during this season of uncertainty. 

In multiple studies there has been a direct correlation found between social media and depression – driven by FOMO, isolation, and self-absorption. The more you prioritize social media interaction over in-person relationships, the more you’re at risk for developing or exacerbating mood disorders such as anxiety and depression (Health Guide, 2020). 

Now add in social distancing. 

The University of Rochester found that spending time outside in natural environments can boost your vitality – a feeling of physical and mental energy – by nearly 40%. Spending time indoors has the opposite effect (Time Health, 2018). 

I’d venture to say that combining social media with remaining indoors could be dangerous. 

Try the following to limit social media during this season: 

  • Daily Exercise – Even 15 minutes a day can make a difference. 
  • Have a Distraction Free Meal – No TV, phone use, or other electronic devices. 
  • Go for a Walk – Soak up some fresh air and move your muscles. 
  • Read – It’s good for your mind, vocabulary, and gives your eyes a rest from the blue light. 
  • Set an End Time – Turn your phone off after a certain time each night. 
  • No Phone in the Bedroom – To prevent unnecessary scrolling, charge your phone in a different room. 
  • Play a Game – Engage your mind with cards, tic-tac-toe, or Clue. 
  • Set Goals – Have a weekly meeting with your spouse or friend to set goals you want to accomplish during this time. It gives you daily purpose and keeps your focus away from your phone.

Please do not forget that social media is not real life – it is highlight reels and virtual conversations.

Consider stepping back, especially as you tackle life from the inside looking out for now.

If you need any encouragement or have questions, feel free to reach out via my contact page.

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

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