“My joy doesn’t lie in my circumstances.”

You won’t survive these days if you’re relying on circumstances to provide happiness. 

Where are you drawing joy from? Your spouse? Your job? The trip you planned to take this summer? 

Those can be taken away in an instant – these past few weeks have proven that. 

Investing your heart in negligent places is like handing it to an infant & expecting them to know how to meet your every need – they’d end up crying, throwing it, or just staring at it. 

If you’re wise you entrust your heart & joy into the hands of a skilled and caring banker – one who would put it in a a mutual fund with excellent investment benefits. 

It doesn’t mean that the stocks won’t plummet or that you won’t lose some money if the economy tanks – but you can live fearlessly in those moments because your heart is protected. 

God is an excellent banker

I can lose my job, future plans, and material items, but that can’t shake my joy. I have invested well. 

God never promised to give us a lifetime of rainbows and unicorns – He promised to always be with us & never leave us, even when times get tough. 

Many are quick to turn from God because He shouldn’t let bad things happen – but He is a teacher – and how can a teacher help you appreciate good days if there are no bad days? 

Life is about balance. God knows that – He knows you

Maybe His bank sends you spam mail & you just keep throwing unopened envelopes in the trash. 

I wonder if He created a pandemic to grab people’s attention so they open their mail from the bank for the first time in 20 years. 

Entrusting the most precious part of yourself to someone is not easy. Sometimes it takes being broken down until you would give anything not to carry the weight of the world alone anymore. 

Are you tired? Does this pandemic have you at the end of your rope? 

Maybe it’s time to let someone else take over & take care of you. Maybe it’s time to invest in the account God has been saving with your name on it.

I know where my joy comes from. 

Where does yours? 

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

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