I am in the process of learning not to label myself based off of my occupation. I no longer say that I am a “singer” or “commercial actor” – rather I am passionate about performing, in the same sense that I am passionate about writing, my faith & supporting my family.

Some people think it sounds odd not to have a title, but why would I box myself into a role when my abilities stretch so far beyond that? 

We have a habit in our society of putting ourselves into a category once we find an occupation, and it’s commonly frowned upon to move from the hole you’ve placed your peg in. We remain boxed in because it’s what we got our college degree in, it’s where we feel comfortable, or it gives us a “positive” reputation.

If God asked you to move from your comfortable corner, would you have the faith to pick your feet up and go? 

There is nothing wrong with being in a job where you are comfortable and happy – it’s wonderful. The concern lies in your availability and willingness to stretch outside of that when you are called.

You can’t steer a parked car – God can’t direct your steps if you’re unwilling to put yourself in drive. 

Making moves can be intimidating, especially when it’s moving towards something that we feel unqualified for – but God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. He will never stir your heart towards a vision that you can’t handle.

I used to get scared off by ideas God put on my heart because it seemed they were too much for me, they were goals larger than I could tackle alone. Duh – obviously I can’t handle them by myself, I can only accomplish a God-sized dream with my trust in Him to help me every step of the way. All it takes is me being willing to take a single step out of my comfort zone.

If we fall into the trap of remaining comfortable with our daily life, we are at risk for being closed off to new opportunities – with an old mindset, there is no room for modern miracles. I spent the past 2 years trapped being comfortable – remaining where I had decided I was supposed to be. What I learned is that life can become incredibly dull when we close God out of corners of our world and try to “handle it” ourselves.

We don’t have the perspective necessary to help ourselves in the long term – we see things from an eye level viewpoint, while God is over everything looking down on the very minuscule perspective we are trying to control. I’ve reached the point where I am more than happy to allow God to handle every aspect of my life, because he has a much better vantage point than I do. I will never know more than Him, it’s laughable to think I’m that powerful or wise. 

When I gave my life to Christ, I meant all of it. He doesn’t want just my relationships or just my career – He wants everything. He wants to take care of me, so why would I waste energy fighting that? 

My job is to work hard, be joyful & passionate where God needs me, and be open to moving where He calls me next. Nothing lasts forever, so we need to be ready when He gives us the nudge towards our next chapter. If He nudged you today, would you be ready to move? 

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