Chastity and purity are not easy topics to cover, but Stephanie Arcadia has managed to discuss her personal journey in these areas with incredible grace in: A Renewed Spirit Within Me.

In her own words: “Stephanie is an author and young adult speaker who travels to share her vulnerable ten-year journey from succumbing to hookup culture to triumphing in a life of virtue.”

Stephanie’s vulnerability is the driving force of this page turner; she lays her personal experiences out in a tasteful way that reach through to the reality so many young people are up against today.

This quick read is broken down into lessons; each lesson offering review and reflection on personal experiences from Stephanie’s viewpoint as a young woman living in the midst of a hookup driven society.

I have the privilege of knowing Stephanie personally and am so grateful for her courage and willingness to lay out her journey on paper.

Hookup culture is real. The desires we have as humans are real. The choices we make are real, and the emotional responses we have to those choices are even more real.

For many Christians and churches I think it’s easy to shy away from the topics of sex and hookup culture, but it is surrounding us. If your kids are teens/young adults – this is their reality, this is what they are facing every day.

Being Christian does not exempt you from having sexual desires, especially as a young adult. But what can be changed is the response to it.

I encourage parents, aunts, uncles, teens, young adults, college and high school students to read this book. Take a look at chastity through the eyes of a young woman who had to work towards making the commitment to it.

I believe Stephanie’s story has the power to prompt a larger conversation. Thanks to her strength and vulnerability, a new dialogue can begin.

Why don’t you be the first to start it? #RenewedSpiritBook

To purchase your copy of A Renewed Spirit Within Me please visit:

In need of a speaker for an upcoming event? Book Stephanie for a talk inspired by her book.

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