Our household has recently had a lot of conversations surrounding the idea of identity.

The word identity is defined as: the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

So I have to ask; what are you & and who are you?

It has become a socialized response to answer that question with the title of our occupation. It’s hard to avoid doing that, especially since we spend the majority of our lifetime in our place of work.

Many people become so absorbed with the concept of their job identifying them, they struggle to evolve in any other area of their life.

I want to shatter that habit. It has to stop.

The Minimalists offer some powerful insight to the question: “So what do you do?”. They reflect on how the answer to that question is an opportunity for the person asking to play the comparison game.

We use our “job identity” as a means to size up how much money someone makes, what they went to school for, what lifestyle they lead and how we match up against them.

Their minimalistic insight offers a great way to begin changing the routine of answering that question with our occupation. Instead they encourage people to respond with what they are passionate about & what brings them joy.

Try it the next time someone asks you what you do. It throws people for a loop.

So many have grow to embrace their job as who they are, and it’s time to move beyond that. A job is simply what you do, it never has been and never will be who you are.

Yes, you may have an occupation as a data scientist, a stay-at-home-mom, a journalist, or a financial advisor, and that is wonderful! But that is not who you are at the core.

You are a brilliant & creative human being, a perfectly crafted masterpiece that is capable of a multitude of accomplishments beyond your daily work schedule.

It takes an abundance of humility to release what you have accepted as your identity, so you can have your heart back.

Let’s alter the way we approach our identity & the identity of others, and allow purpose to take it’s rightful place place in our minds and hearts.

You are not defined by anything on this Earth. This is all just temporary, friends.

One thought on “Identity Revolution

  1. I LOVE this article! Made me think what am I passionate about? Really it startled me because I had not thought about this before. You are right in and in that answer lies who I am. Keep on writing Katrina!

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