As we gazed out over the ocean, the sun setting in the pink and blue sky, I turned to look into Jeremy’s dark brown eyes…and immediately felt the gripping pain inside my stomach & the sweating chills and fever to follow.”

Hello & welcome to the honeymoon reflection!

While the introduction is dramatic, it is true, and yes we had an incredible time despite some of the gory details.

Jeremy and I went to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico. It was even more beautiful than the photos we had seen.

We swapped sneakers for flip-flops upon arrival, and strolled out to the beach to catch the sunset. Both of us tired, but so happy to be there & even more excited to have a little adventure.

We began our escapades with a long day by the pool and ocean, enjoying as much food and drink as we desired. Everything was ideal…

..until I got sick from consuming contaminated water. Not exactly romantic. Like, at all.

And did I happen to mention that our room was open concept with a glass door for the toilet?

Ah, sweet romance!

Also not to mention that Jeremy ran into the same illness the day after I was finally feeling better…you win some, you lose some!

We had to break down all communication barriers, compromise on how we spent our time & were forced to lay low. Which is extremely difficult for both of us to do.

( Ventures we enjoyed despite the sickness: visiting the Mayan ruins at Tulum, snorkeling over the coral reefs, swimming the underground caves (this one we didn’t really like, but we had already paid for the excursion so we went for it!), dancing to live bands and DJ’s most nights & ordering room service 24/7 )

I qualify our honeymoon as ideal & appreciate that the crumby memories already make me chuckle.

God has a pretty rad sense of humor. He knew Jeremy and I would run ourselves into the ground if we didn’t lay low in some fashion. So illness it was!

With that illness came the clear realization & reminder that we are a unit.

That week taught us to serve one another by offering comfort and understanding in moments where we would normally only think about our own needs.

What I have learned from honeymooning: God is always good, Mexican food has always been & continues to be my favorite food, my husband is the most kind hearted, funny, caring and loving man in the world.

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