Peace is a noun, defined as the following: freedom from disturbance; tranquility.

November 2nd, 2019 was overflowing with tranquility. God poured peace over my wedding day & it was a dream. 

It’s hard not to day-dream what this “big day” will feel like: Will I cry? Will he? Will I trip walking down the isle (which was a legitimate fear I had)?

The days leading up were overwhelmed with emotions, fast paced and incredibly joyful. 

Underneath that joy, I had so much suppressed stress – my left eye started twitching and refused to quit. There were stacks of lists around my apartment with “to-dos”. I had a hard time believing that any form of calm would come to me the day-of. 

People told me I wasn’t going to be able to sleep the night before, and I like my sleep. 

When I got to my parents house Friday night, I felt butterflies fill my stomach as I pulled on my old cross country sweats and jumped into my childhood bed. 

I waited for my brain to swirl and keep me up till all hours of the night..but instead I felt stillness wash over my mind. 

My thoughts turned to gratitude. I laid there overwhelmed with thankfulness for my family, for people’s generosity making this day possible & for those sacrificing time and energy to travel in and celebrate. 

And above all, I found myself saying “Thank you Jesus, for Jeremy”. 

He had walked through this process of planning with me as my equal, loved me through moments of frustration, and brought me joy every single step. 

And the very next day I’d get to pledge my life to him..and that thought brought me more peace than I know how to explain. 

As we got ready Saturday morning I waited to be anxious or overwhelmed, but instead found myself mellow as could be. There was no pressure or stress.

I expressed to my maid of honor, I was almost frustrated with how calm I was. She clarified that it was because I felt so certain of the decision I was about to make. She was right & I embraced the peace I had been gifted that day. 

Don’t get me wrong, there were many tears shed throughout the morning, pounding heartbeats & squeezing of hands as we drove to the venue. But my heart was at ease, and I know it’s because that day was blessed by God. 

Friends, feeling anxious, stressed, angry or overwhelmed, does not come from the Lord. Those feelings are from relying on the ways of the world.

God brings us peace, love & joy. And man does the guy deliver. He has NEVER let me down, even when I truly believed He would. 

My wedding day was no exception, He brought peace greater than words can describe. Jeremy and I walked away from that day with incredible joy over the entire experience. It is preserved as a perfect day in our minds & hearts. 

So today I am praying that peace will be with YOU. 

One thought on “Peace Out

  1. Just like the beautiful bride you were, so is this post. God is so good. Resting in his love and care always produces the results He wants for us. Thanks for writing!


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