It’s easy to take the greatest blessings in life for granted.

I fully admit to skimming over how precious each second is.

My fiance and I are officially 8 weeks away from our wedding, and I am so thrilled my heart could burst! But do you know what sobering reminder I was presented with today? We are not promised that wedding.

I am not even promised tomorrow with him..much less a wedding day 8 weeks from now.

He & I are spending so much time preparing for our marriage through counseling, lengthy discussions, readings & gleaming wisdom from those more experienced.

These months have felt long, and sometimes I’ve prayed for time to hurry because we are more than ready.

But today I see clearly how precious these months have been & continue to be: each weeknight phone call, every Friday night jumping into his arms, each Sunday morning in worship together, and every Monday morning sendoff.

He is a sweet gift from God & these moments together are more precious than my heart knows how to compute.

He & I are not promised tomorrow, our wedding day, being able to have children, or a 50 year marriage.

But we have today, a beautiful family we are so thankful for, a God that loves us & we have each other in this absolutely sacred moment.

Cling to what is good, friends. Do not take it for granted. Treat it like the gift it is.

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