I read this quote the other morning:

God doesn’t care about your comfort, He cares about your character.

My first thoughts: How rude (said in my best Stephanie Tanner voice).

That quote has been ringing in my mind since last week, as I stood watching my car get towed away for service.

My first thought, as AAA saved the day, was to blame my car breaking down on God.

“How could you let this happen?” “You know I don’t have the money for this right now!” “I’ve been so good about praying every day and this is what I get?”

Dramatic; I know. But I was too busy having a pity party to care. I was so frustrated that God had seemingly turned His back on me.

What I was forgetting is that, even though I’m a believer, life is still going to happen. Life doesn’t stop, God starts.

God is with us, right in the middle of life & He is good even amidst life’s troubles.

That quote regarding my comfort started to take on a new sound.

God wants us to lean on Him in times of trouble.

He knows life is going to happen & He knows there will be times of discomfort.

His hope for us is to stay focused on the bigger picture, so we don’t throw pity parties, rather we turn our troubles over to Him.

He wants to make our lives better, and He will do whatever it takes to draw us closer to Him. Even if it takes a call to AAA.

The comfort is in that knowledge.

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