Did you know that for flowers to continue growing, you need to snap off the blooms that have withered up?

I’m typing with dirt on my hands after doing that for multiple flowers around the yard.

I used to be scared to remove those wilted buds..I thought if I snapped that stem, I’d kill the entire plant.

You know what happens instead? More and more blooms keep popping up where I removed the old one; and they grow brighter and stronger than the last.

What a funny little analogy for life.

We cannot form brighter colors or reach higher heights, unless we remove the old buds that have lost their luster & impact on our being.

It’s scary to think about removing them, because it takes wild amounts of trust to believe new life will grow from a broken off stem.

We might ask: What if people think differently of me? What if he never talks to me again? Am I going to lose who I am at my core?

Those flowers grow from the same roots every single time.

When the base of those flowers is planted firmly in healthy soil, it will grow & grow, and the core of it will remain true to it’s original form.

We need to trust God like those flowers trust the Earth.

If we are planted firmly in Christ, even when we are scared to remove old blossoms, we can believe & know that He will bring forth a bloom much brighter than before.

Root yourselves deeply, my friends. Change will come, new chapters will be knocking & decisions will need to be made.

But when you know where your core is rooted, you only have brilliant growth to look forward to.

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