I need to stop watching the news. It highlights so many negatives in our world, that I forget to soak up the blessings walking right by me.

bless·ing /noun/ : a beneficial thing for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being.

We are surrounded by blessings every single day. They are the silver lining to your breakup, the break in the clouds as you search for a job & the hopeful prospect in the midst of your grieving.

However, some blessings have become such a “given” part of our daily lives that we forget just how sweet they truly are.

Family. A healthy body. Food. Money. Time.

These are not givens. These are incredible blessings from God.

I have been walking through these past couple weeks taking so many treasures for granted.

Fishing with my family this weekend, came with the sobering reminder that many people don’t get to experience life with theirs. I take my relationship with my family for granted far too often.

Those relationships are not my right. My family is not my own. They are God’s. They are perfect gifts from God.

Each member quirky and unique and brilliant.

As you move through the remainder of the week, pause to embrace the blessings that have become your “givens”.

Sometimes all life requires is you taking a step back to see the silver lining.

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