God is sitting right next to you.

Did you know that?

He is sitting next to you while you slave over emails at work, jogs right behind you at the gym & He is washing your hair at the salon.

I was bluntly reminded this evening of just how close He is.

You see, Jesus lived on Earth, then He made the ultimate sacrifice and gave His life for all of us. After which, God sent the Holy Spirit to live in each of our hearts so that He could always be with us here on Earth.

Tonight God surrounded me.

I had been praying for clarity, peace & rest. All of which He provided in a hair salon. A convenient one-stop-shop.

Instead of silently awaiting my chop, a young women my age sat next to me & we chatted on the couch as we waited. We talked like old friends, sharing stories about relationships & chuckling over embarrassing experiences.

My hairdresser was a warm soul, who shared her testimony with me & we giddily talked over how good God had been to both of us.

Then her coworker walked in and started speaking direct peace over career questions that I was wrestling in my heart.

It was a perfect Pam moment: “And I feel God is this hair salon tonight.”

He was right next to me all along..I just forgot, like so many of us do.

What a gift He has given us: having the Holy Spirit in our hearts. I never have to feel alone or abandoned or unheard.

God made a way then & He continues to every single day.

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