Do you ever rediscover an object that stirs up the most joyful and nostalgic memories?

This CD did that for me today; I found it tucked away in my car & decided to pop it in. As I drove to work, I was surrounded by flashbacks of sweating & laughing through summer mission trips.

Those memories are irreplaceable, and the individuals I shared them with brought me through some of the greatest growth moments in my faith.

I think when God assures us of being on the right path, we experience a parallel sensation to those good memories: We can’t quite believe a turn in life could be so sweet, but He very plainly assures us. He washes over us with a peace deeper than oceans; and with that peace gives us a moment of clarity to dream of what He calls us to.

God giving us that “good memory” feeling, is like a tiny miracle. It’s an absolutely brilliant gift in a moment of uncertainty.

He is always for us, even when things are looking dim. It’s easy to lose track of that truth!

God wants to keep giving you good memories, great memories, memories you never imagined could be inside your scrapbook.

So when that sensation washes over you, know you’re walking on the good path, and you are about to make some great memories up ahead. Get ready.

God isn’t done with you yet.

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