I love going through tough times. That sounds odd, but I mean it.

Anytime I have gone through trials or difficulties, the result is the same: I grow more in tune with my core values, I understand gratitude even more deeply & I fall in love the small moments in life, all over again.

People are quick to ask: “If there is a God, then why wouldn’t He just fix your problems?”

Well that’s simple: God want’s us to grow. I believe God takes us through struggles for two major reasons:

1.To Set Us Back On His Path.

How many of us enjoy being told we’re wrong? No one that I’m aware of. Sometimes God gives us clear signs for our next chapter, but we choose to ignore, or feel we have a better solution (spoiler alert: you don’t know more than the creator of the universe).

He will always make sure you get turned around, but that sometimes requires a time of “preparation” for us to move on. This preparation can look pretty uncomfortable, sad & sometimes lonely; but just like anything else, it isn’t forever. This time exists to strengthen us and make our viewpoint perfectly set on the path God has created for us.

2.To Get Rid Of The “Nay” Sayers.

We all have them in our lives: the people that we sometimes even call friends, but they sure don’t act like it when we’re not around. In controlled environments like a workplace or school, it’s hard to avoid less than desirable individuals. These people can look nice, they may even act nice to you, or they may make their negative intentions known.

If you’re a people pleaser like me, you still try to win them over, even if your’e not a fan. But God knows our limits & He wants us to flourish – negative people stunt your growth. So God will pull you away from a job, or a personal situation that may cause struggle within your own heart. When you feel strength again though, you will never regret saying “Bye Felicia!”.

Difficult times change your perspective & your heart. There are times I would have turned my nose up at jobs I’m thanking God for, every time I clock in.

Next time you encounter a time of trial, don’t have a pity party for one. Instead, allow yourself to grow through what you go through! Allow yourself to be strengthened & made new. It’s a struggle, but it’s a gift.

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