It’s time to talk about that good good green: money

How do you spend it? What do you want to accomplish with it? Are you willing to work for it? 

Toady I want to give some key points to start your financial success & saving.

My parents were always open discussing money with us: they taught us how to budget, and the art form of earning your wages. 

I’ve always been so grateful for the relationship they cultivated between us kids & money. In particular, my powerhouse of a dad, who instilled a deep passion for financial education.

Being a financial advisor & retirement plan specialist, he has a plethora of knowledge in this area. I still to go to him for clarification and accountability. Which takes us into our first point for financial success & saving :

1.Create a Budget & Find Someone Who’ll Keep You Accountable

If you want to save money, then you need to know where your Benjamins are going after each paycheck. A budget will include all your living expenses: housing, food, clothing, transportation. Once you take all the essentials away, what is left can be allocated towards savings, student loans, retirement, coffee dates, a vacation get the idea. Your needs must be taken care of first.

2. Learn the Difference Between a Need & a Want.

It’s sad how many people can’t decipher this. I have friends who have paid for plane tickets before making car payments. NOT OKAY. You need a roof over your head, clothes to put on your body, clean water to drink, food to eat and transportation. Everything beyond that is a want. You don’t need to go out and drink on the weekend, get your nails done at a salon, or have the latest fashion trend. Society might make you feel that way, but if you want to save, then put that extra cash into a Roth IRA or a mutual fund.

3. Start Shopping Smart.

If you have never been to a bargain grocery outlet or a second hand clothing store, then your time has come! Skipping Whole Foods or getting creative with your style is a great way to reduce your costs each month. I recognize we want things to be convenient, but being financially successful requires us to be active in our saving. Financial Success isn’t just going to be handed to you, you’ve got to want it & put in the work to make it happen.

4. Put Your Head Down & Hit the Pavement

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime; the road to becoming wealthy is a true process. Remember: Be prepared to adjust & feel unlike people around you. You have got to hustle for income, be diligent about creating and sticking to a budget, get smart about how you spend & take time truly define what you need. The journey is worth it.

Allow money to become your divine helper to support your life purpose. –> I will always believe that the greater purpose to saving & financial success is to provide ourselves and others with opportunity to fulfill our purpose here on Earth.

Let’s get saving so we can start doing.

2 thoughts on “Finances of Steel

  1. Great job Katrina! It amazing to be in tune with managing God’s money. Love, your first financial accountability partner


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