It’s a slow process people, but quitting won’t speed it up. 

Doesn’t matter if it’s working out, writing a screen play, or saving up for a house, it’s a process. In this age of immediacy we believe we need things now.

We expect as soon as we’re out of college, we will have the life we witnessed our parents enjoying while we were young –> but they worked a decade for that. Life is not immediate, if it were, it would be extremely boring.

How would you grow or gain wisdom if everything you desired was given to you at the drop of a hat?

Yet so many either want it now, or don’t want it at all. So let’s take a step back.

We should embrace the process, not pounce on what we think is perfection just to speed things up.

I am deeply guilty of this; terrified of slowing down and having to embrace where I am that day. Fighting to trust that God’s plan unfolds in perfect time.

The “slowing down” is the time when we gain wisdom! We are tested and tempted by comparison: watching our friends or strangers on social media. They have a great job, nice car, new home, great style, or longer hair than you. And because of this, we too often assume they also possess an overwhelming peace with their current position in life.

Guess what? They are in process too. We are all in process. There is no such thing as a final destination; even when we accomplish our deepest dreams & desires. Once we check something off the list, time doesn’t stop! 

I encourage you to seek out those brilliant, little corners of what life hands you today. 

It’s part of the process. It’s your moment to grow. 

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