I’ve spoken to many people, both in & out of the faith, and there seems to be a great misunderstanding about what Lent is.

Some ideas I’ve heard are as follows: “Only Catholics celebrate that.”, “It’s a time when we starve ourselves.”, “It’s a time when you only eat fish and not meat.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, but non of those ideas actually encompass what Lent is really about –> Lent is an incredible time of sacrifice, growth and preparation.

Lent is a period of 40 days and 40 nights; the same amount of time Jesus journeyed through the desert before he was crucified. It’s intended to be a replication of His difficulty & suffering in the desert. Which is why many of us choose to give up foods or activities during this time, as a way of “going without luxuries”.

It is my personal belief that Lent is also a time to better yourself! Yes, we can challenge ourselves by removing certain “wants” from our daily routine; but we can also ADD something challenging.

This can be anything from a workout routine, to doing a daily devotional, or eating an apple once a day.

This year I am removing two wants: Sweets and Alcohol, and adding one challenge: A Set Bedtime.

You know what? This is the first year I have ever been excited for Lent..I’m pumped! It’s not going to be easy, but I am so excited to see how much I improve from making a few small changes. My time will be spent differently, my money won’t be thrown on those particular goods, and I will have no excuse for being tired.

Everyone is called to honor Lent in different ways, but for me, it is always going to be about sacrificing & growing. When Easter comes I want to feel prepared to celebrate; I want to feel the impact of why we dance on that day.

Jesus deserves nothing but my best, so that is what I will work towards this Lent.

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