Allowing each day to be led by inspiration will shed a whole new light on your life. What can you do to get inspired? Glad you asked. Let’s talk.

Living uninspired leads us to feel we are called to be complacent, that we are made to continue living exactly the same way every single day. This is referred to as a “rut” or “mundane lifestyle”.

I’m not going to tell you to become a motivational speaker; my goal is to give you a few simple tools to spark inspiration in your day to day experience.

1. Put your phone down

I’m guilty of it, and so are you. We check in the morning when we wake up & before we go to sleep. Get your eyes off the screen and be present. There is so much to reflect on and learn about yourself when you give your brain the opportunity to do more than just scroll.

2. Pick Up A Book

Reading enhances your memory, boosts your analytical thinking & expands your vocabulary. Matilda was not a child genius for nothing, people! Reading books helps you get inside other people’s minds and gain some perspective. You can also use audiobook if you truly do not mesh with reading.

3. Strike Up A Conversation

I recognize it might not be as common place in today’s society (hello heads-down generation), but keeping your eyes up & your body language open can lead to some truly igniting conversation. No matter if you’re on your way to work, at the grocery store, or out at the bar; taking 10 minutes to learn about another person’s life story can inspire you beyond belief.

4. Get Outside

Being inside feels amazing; it’s climate controlled & Netflix is just a click away. But turning the television off and hopping outside, even for a walk around the block, can shift your perspective in a moment. Humans are not designed to live inside.

I have grown to understand & believe that inspiration is derived directly from perspective.

We are human & we are selfish, and sometimes it’s hard to shift the perspective from ourselves. When we do though, it can inspire us to do tremendous things in our own life, and for those around us.

You are made for more, so choose to live like it. Choose to live an inspired life.

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