Fraction (n) : a small or tiny part, amount, or proportion of something.

I’m so thankful for people with skills uniquely different from my own; because I would be lost without them. 

My car started shaking, smelling like a burnt match, and flashing it’s check engine light the last 20 minutes of a drive on Sunday. And allow me to explain that when it comes to cars I am good for checking the oil and keeping it well vacuumed..and that’s about it. So all I could do until I got to AutoZone the next morning, was pray. 

They sent me to a shop around the corner, where I tried my best to explain what they had said at AutoZone. Without judgement or question they brought my car in, even though I hadn’t called ahead & worked diligently to find the culprit of my sweet little Honda’s upset engine. 

What a relief that there were people nearby with these incredible skills! People who understand spark plugs & pistons.

I was as grateful for their motor vehicle abilities, as I was of the vocal abilities of each singer at the ICCA’s on Saturday night (shameless shoutout for the West Chester sweep!); and the fine motor skills of my hair dresser last evening. 

We were all created so beautifully unique! 

These distinct events I reflected on, made a clear imagine of what it means to be the body of Christ. We each possess individual characteristics, skills & talents that flesh out our society as a whole. 

We need each part. With even a single piece missing, the body cannot function properly. 

So before we jump to judge what someone does for a career, hobby or what gifts they harness through life; remember that one day you will need their abilities. They are perfectly different from you, so that we all make a perfect whole. 

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