I am still learning to grow in grace..I believe I will be for the rest of my time on earth. 

grace (n): courteous goodwill.

That textbook definition makes it seem pretty simple, right? Essentially, be polite to people. But grace, the way God designed it, is so much more. It is deep and loving and difficult to wrap your brain around, but it is perfect in so many way. 

Grace is what pulls us out of our self centered views and allows us to practice compassion for each person surrounding us: We see the work overload for the boss who hasn’t gotten back to our email yet, the deep rooted insecurity of the backlashing teenager, the sensitivity of the weary friend.

In a sense it brings us back to the concept of “love your neighbor as yourself”. When you are in those brokenhearted moments, don’t you wish someone would meet you where you are? Not judge you or turn from you, but be with you in your frustration, or hurting, or fear. That is what it feels like to be met with grace.

How good would it feel to have grace poured all over you? To be lavished in it. I want to be lavished in grace and then pour it right back out on to others.

My human emotions and self-centered tendencies prevent that a lot of the time, but I am working on it. If God has lavished me in grace, even at my darkest points, then I can absolutely do that for at least one person.

If I want to grow in grace, I need to meet people right where they are, and embrace them for how they are in that moment.

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